Day of Reckoning – Comedy by Pam Valentine – June 9th, 10th, 11th 2016

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  1. Edward Kirkby says:

    Day of Reckoning by BDG treated us to a great evening of fun, which was very well supported by a full house in the Memorial Hall.

    The Day of Reckoning is set in a fictional village hall – a convenient setting due to the actual location of this play. Before the interval we were gently introduced to the cast of characters as they held a fete committee meeting. In the second act, we moved to the day of the fete when the drama came to a head with some complex problems, strong emotions a bouncy castle that wouldn’t deflate and a gunshot…!!!

    The packed audience clearly enjoyed the humour of the play. The cast created a characterisation that helped the piece. For example, Roe Richardson (playing Pauline Morris) with her expressive voice and Jane Scott (Ethel Swift) with her expressive face and Terry Offiler showing slightly less leg than in his previous performance as the Rev. Geoffrey Morris. Wendy Barlow (Mavis Partridge) was at her tea drinking / blanket knitting best. Carole Veness as the ‘sorry I didn’t see you there Angela Brownlee and Barbara Offiler as the misunderstood and unloved wife, were equally excellent.

    Special mention must go to Sue Jessett (Marjorie Organ) and Barbara Winstone (Gloria Pitt) for their emotional acting ability that was beautifully portrayed in the second act.

    One of the difficulties of this piece could be its static nature, particularly in act one, but this was carefully directed by Jan Bradley and Mary Geisler with movement that helped, rather than hindered, the action.

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