Cinderella – Pantomime by Jane Scott – February 26th 27th and 28th 2016

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  1. Edward Kirkby says:

    Jane Scott’s production of Cinderella was hilarious, the costumes were marvellous, the horse was a hoot, as were the Owl’s and the trees, and as usual there was enthusiastic audience participation. It really was very funny, very well written, and the timing and delivery of the lines were perfect. The ‘Fairy of the Match’ was the Fairy Godmother played by the multi-talented Terry Offiler, proving that it is not only the RSC that can have gender roles reversed. David Hall and Derek Osborne were somewhat ‘type-cast’ as the ugly sisters, who received well deserved ‘boos’ from the audience. Prince Cyril (Mary Geisler) was a natural and could have been equally at home as The Prince Regent in Blackadder. A review of Cinderella would not be complete without a comment about ‘Cinders’ (Sue Jessett) her change from down trodden Cinderella to beautiful princess was miraculous. So all in all an excellent performance as usual from the Barford Drama Group – well done…!!!

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