30th Music Hall - Entertaining the people of Barford since 1945...

Another successful music hall took place over the last 2 weekends of November 2012. As one of the audience said to me “It is so good to get up and go out to something live and fun in a really bleak month”.

Thanks as ever for audience support of the show. Music Hall is a bit of a misnomer as it is really a variety show with bad jokes, rude sketches, songs, magic and more (not for the faint hearted or supersensitive!)

We have never pretended to be a professional group so thank you to those amazing audiences who put up with us, enjoy our company and make it a sell out.

Many thanks to 30 plus people who have sacrificed the months of October and November. This year we have a great group of youngsters and new members which makes the show fun to put on.

The 6 nights entertainment made £2,400 for each of the 2 charities –Leukemia and the Air Ambulance.

Finally, thanks to all back stage crew, John Murphy and his kitchen team and Rod and his bar staff.

We inevitably have our critics, what show doesn’t , but the overwhelming feeling of goodwill and appreciation from our audiences is always a spur for the next attempt.

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