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A Pantomime by Jane Scott

The Barford Drama Group production of ‘Jack and the Bean Stalk’ (written and directed by Jane Scott) was a pantomime performed on February 23rd 24th and 25th 2018 in Barford Memorial Hall.

Jack was joined by Elli, the Elf, Dame Dolly, Three Singing Pink Pigs, a Cat and of course a ‘Scary Giant and many others.

There were evening performances on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th at 7.30 pm. and matinees on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th at 3 pm. Refreshments were on sale in the interval and there was a licenced bar at the evening performances.

Tickets – £7 evenings and £5 matinees.

Synopsis of Scenes
Scene 1 – Dame Dolly’s Cottage
Scene 2 – The Lane, the Market, the Lane
Scene 3 – The Squire’s Office
Scene 4 – The Lane
Scene 5 – Dame Dolly’s Cottage

Scene 1 – At the Top of the Beanstalk
Scene 2 – Back in the Lane
Scene 3 – Squire Hall

Elli, the Elf – Terry Offiler
Dame Dolly – Matthew Macfadyen
Jack – Joy Hawtin
Daisy, the Cow – Wendy Barlow
Two Trees – Barbara Offiler and Sally Hallowell-Carew
Auctioneer – Ian Furlong
Animals and Farmers – Members of the Cast
Squire Moneybags – David Hall
Bob, his Butler – Mary Geisler
Mrs Bunn, his Cook – Jane Scott
Felix, the Cat – Mary Geisler
Annabella – Carole Veness
Ted – Anne Foster
Todd – Roe Richardson
Molly – Sue Jessett
HE – Kate Findlay

Stage Manager – Garth Foster
Assistant S. M. – David Hall
Set Construction & Design – Garth Foster, David and Ann Hall
Costumes – Carole Veness and Barbara Offiler
Make-up – Wendy Barlow
Music – Ann Holliday
Lighting – Ann Hall
Prompt – Barbara Winstone
Front of House – Gerard Veness
Refreshments – Catherine Kime, Ann Fawcett
Bar – Rod Scott
Still Photographs – Nick Hawtin

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  1. Edward Kirkby says:

    Jane Scott has done it again with a hilarious production of her latest panto: ‘Jack and the Bean Stalk’, which was thoroughly enjoyed by a packed Village Hall on Friday night. The laughter started immediately Elli, the Elf (alias Terry Offiler) appeared, in what turned out to be one of his many roles, which included a tree, which stalked Jack, backwards and forwards across the stage.

    The laughter continued when the curtains opened to reveal (if that is the right word) Dame Dolly (Mathew Macfadyen), complete with generous bosom’s of course. The story unfolds as we discover Dame Dolly does not have the money to pay this week’s rent. So our hero (or is it heroin, I am never too sure in pantos) Jack (played by thigh-slapping Joy Hawtin) appears to save the day by agreeing to sell their prize cow, Daisy (Wendy Barlow), which of course Jack fails to do as the auctioneer (boos from the audience for Ian Furlong) wants to sell Daisy to the local burger chain; so Jack instead exchanges the cow, with a local farmer (played by guess who…yes Terry Offiler) for a small bag of magic beans – you haven’t forgotten the title of the panto have you?

    Meanwhile, Squire Moneybags (played by, and some would say typecast, David Hall) who has misplaced his daughter Annabella (Carole Veness) and offers 1,000 Guineas for her safe return. The Squire is helped in his quest by Bob, his Butler (Mary Geisler) who is instructed to nail notices to all the pillars and tress (trees amply played by Barbara Offiler and Sally Hallowell-Carew) and (although sometimes grumpily) Mrs Bunn, his cook (Jane Scott).

    The next scene opened in a farmyard with three singing pink pigs and other equally vocal animated animals. There was of course the compulsory ‘audience participation’ scene where Ted, Todd and Molly (Anne Foster, Roe Richardson and a somewhat flirtatious Sue Jessett, who was reminded by her son Guy, from the back of the audience that “she was married”) who between them inveigled a member of the audience to help them pump water.

    The climax, or should I say anti-climax was the ‘scary’ Giant (played by 5’ tall Kate Findley) who was allergic to the cat (sorry I forgot to mention Annabella had a cat, played by Mary Geisler) who at one point had forgotten to remove her tail when she was playing Bob, the Butler, but luckily enough the Squire spotted it in time and deftly and painlessly, removed it.

    The costumes were beautifully designed by Carole Veness and Barbara Offiler, with Make-up by Wendy Barlow, Music by Ann Holliday, Lighting by Ann Hall, Prompting (although I didn’t hear her) by Barbara Winstone, with Set Design, Construction and Scene changes managed by Garth Foster, David Hall and no doubt others. The Front of House was managed by Gerard Veness, with Refreshments by Catherine Kime and Ann Fawcett, and finally the Bar was run by Rod Scott, ably assisted by Charles Barlow.

    I can honestly say a good time was had by all (especially me) I was the loud one at the back with the usual “he’s behind you” and “oh no he isn’t”…!!!

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