Productions – Day of Reckoning – June 2016 - Entertaining the people of Barford since 1945...

The Barford Drama Group production of Pam Valentine’s Comedy ‘Day of Reckoning’ (Directed by Jan Bradley and Mary Geisler), was performed on June 9th, 10th, 11th in Barford Memorial Hall.

Set on a winter’s night, the committee meet to discuss arrangements for the village summer fete. Bickering and gossip reveals the personalities involved – Pauline, the vicar’s long-suffering wife, elderly Mavis, horsy Marjorie, busybody Ethel and Sally, the brisk Army wife – along with a whole host of others.

Six months later, the events of the fete are related with humour, pathos and an upbeat ending – An intriguing picture of village life with plenty of humour and some surprising revelations on the ‘Day of Reckoning’.

Any similarity to life in Barford is purely coincidental…!!!

Synopsis of Scenes
Scene 1 – An evening in January
Scene 2 – Much later that evening

Scene 1 – Summer. The day of the fete
Scene 2 – Four hours later

Rev. Geoffrey Morris – Terry Offiler
Pauline Morris – Roe Richardson
Ethel Swift – Jane Scott
Mavis Partridge – Wendy Barlow
Gloria Pitt – Barbara Winstone
Marjorie Organ – Sue Jessett
Sally Martin – Barbara Offiler
Angela Brownlee – Carole Veness

Stage Manager – Garth Foster
Set Construction & Design – Garth Foster
Lighting – Allan Fawcett
Sound – David Hall
Costumes – Carole Veness
Prompt – Chris Murphy
Refreshments – Ann Fawcett, Lorraine Sayers, Joy Hawtin, Philippa Mitchell
Front of House – Gerard Veness
Bar – Rod Scott, Charlie Barlow

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