Glass Menagerie - March 2013 - Entertaining the people of Barford since 1945...

Stuck in a dingy flat in an industrial town, in a world on the edges of war and gripped by the Great Depression, Amanda Wingfield clings to another time and place when she enjoyed a life of leisure and high society, with a myriad of ‘gentlemen callers’. That time has passed, and she now finds herself abandoned by her all-too-charming husband, left to survive on her own with her son, Tom, and daughter, Laura. While Amanda relives her memories, and Tom loses himself in nights out going to the movies, Laura’s separation from reality increases until she becomes like an ornament in her glass collection – too fragile to move from the shelf. Can an unexpected dinner guest provide hope and a means of escape?

Tom Wingfield – Mark Timmis
Amanda Wingfield – Philippa Mitchell
Laura Wingfield – Hannah Williams
Jim O’Connor – Charles Barlow

Director – Alycia Timmis
Assistant Director – Kate Findlay
Stage Manager/Set Design – Garth Foster
Assistant Stage Manager – Ian Findlay
Assistant Set Designer – Terry Offiler
Properties – Denise Godfrey
Properties Manager – Lorraine Sayers
Properties Runner – Charlie Harris
Costume Designer – Barbara Offiler
Lighting – David Hall
Sound – Dave Morrow
Prompt – Anne Foster
Choreographer – Marilyn Bosworth
Bar Steward – Rod Scott
Front of House – Jan Bradley, Jane Scott Tim Barlow

Special Thanks
Ann Hall, Jan Bradley, Jane Scott, Wendy Barlow,
Nicky Hendry, Ann Fawcett, David Wimperis, Betty Gittings, Maureen Liggins and The Criterion Theatre Earlsdon, and
Lynn, proprietress of Vintage No. 18 (Newcastle)

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