Calendar Girls - Entertaining the people of Barford since 1945...

Produced by Jan Bradley

The 3 performances were sold out as soon as the tickets were available. A special performance / second dress rehearsal was arranged on the Wednesday for members of local WI groups and some drama group supporters who had been unable to obtain tickets were allowed to attend the first dress rehearsal on Tuesday.

The play was acclaimed as one of the best that BDG had done and the enjoyment of the audience and cast was evident. Jan Bradley had directed the play with her usual flair and the experienced cast were able to interpret their characters to their best advantage. The week of the play co-incided with the start of summer and the hall was unbearably hot by the end of the evening. Fortunately the bar was able to provide liquid cooling to alleviate the situation.

Annie – Kate Findlay
Chris – Joy Hawtin
Cora – Elli Lake
Jessie – Wendy Barlow
Celia – Jade Hayes
Ruth – Jane Scott
Marie – Chris Murphy
Lady Cravenshire – Sally Hallowell-Carew
Brenda Hulse – Catherine Kime
Elaine – Lorraine Sayers
Rod – Derek Osborne
John – Terry Offiler
Lawrence – Charlie Barlow
Liam – Zac Williams

Stage Managers Garth Foster, Ian Findlay & Hannah Williams
Prompt Tim Barlow
Sound Barbara Offiler & David Hall
Lighting Allan Fawcett
Props Denise Godfrey, Carole Venessv & Ade Lewis
Costumes Mary Geisler & Gill Forster
Bar Rod Scott
Coffee Ann Fawcett

Grateful thanks also to :-
Ann Hall
Ann Holliday
Anne & Paul Williams
Roger Braithwaite
Carolyn Talbot
Marian Jeffs
and Walton Hall

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