A Midsummer Nights Dream - June 2012 - Entertaining the people of Barford since 1945...

Produced by Wendy Barlow

On a mild June evening, a village hall in Barford is transformed into the setting of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or rather the Barford Drama Groups adapted version.

For those unfamiliar with the play, we see the adventures of four Athenian Lovers engrossed in a ‘love square’ (a little more complicated than a love triangle), a group of workmen as they prepare a play of their own, the preparation of Duke Theseus of Athens and the Amazon queen’s wedding and the King and Queen of Fairies visiting the forest where, their own domestic issues surrounding a wedding gift are played out….

The workmen generated smiles and laughs from the audience every time they were present and their play within a play was highly amusing. The fairies provided an aura of enchantment while Robin Goodfellow added the mischievousness that would convincingly manipulate both the lovers and workmen alike.

It is safe to say that one of the most infamous plays of all time was successfully adapted by Wendy Barlow, and performed by a group of energetic dramatists that clearly enjoyed their parts as much as the audience enjoyed watching it.

The Fairy World
Oberon – King of the fairies – Terry Offiler
Titania – Queen of the fairies – Joy Hawtin
Robin Goodfellow – the Puck – Hannah Williams
– Ann Holliday
– Barbara Offiler
– Carole Veness
– Emma Harris
– Izzy Williams
The Court
– Theseus – Duke of Athens – Terry Offiler
– Hippolyta – Queen of the Amazons – Joy Hawtin
– Egeus – Courtier – Jane Scott
– Philostrate – Courtier – Allan Fawcett
The Lovers
– Hermia – in love with Lysander – Chris Murphy
– Lysander – in love with Hermia – Michael Ashton
– Demetrius – in love with Hermia – Dave Morrow
– Helena – in love with Demetrius – Elli Lake
The Workmen (Mechanicals)
– Nick Bottom – the weaver – Tim Barlow
– Peter Quince – the carpenter – Derek Osborne
– Francis Flute – the bellows mender – Bill Worrall
– Robin Starveling – the tailor – Goff Tilling
– Snout – the tinker – Jan Bradley
– Snug – the joiner – Jane Scott

Stage Manager – Garth Foster
Set Dressing – Barbara Offiler
Prompt – Sally Halliwell-Carew
Sound – Jeff Featherstone/Rod Scott
Lighting – Allan Fawcett
Bar – Rod Scott/Charlie Barlow
Catering – Ann Fawcett/Barbara Winstone
Front of House – Lorraine Sayers/Leigh Evetts
Make Up/Back stage – Nicola Fox/Ade Lewis
Thanks to Mark and Izzy Williams for help with songs

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