Productions – Plays and Platters – May 2019

This years Drama Group production of Plays and Platters consisted of two plays: ‘Twelve Hour Life’ by Robert Scott and ‘And the Bride Wore’ by Cheryl Barrett. They were performed at the Memorial Hall on May 10th – 11th May 2019.

Twelve Hour Life
A young couple, who are finding life difficult, meet at a railway station and find out more about themselves…

Samatha – Lorraine Evetts
Dylan – Charles Barlow

Wendy Barlow

And the Bride Wore
Two families meet at the bridal shop to choose ‘THE’ wedding dress. What can go wrong?…

Charley – Carole Veness
Mrs. Bruno – Roe Richardson
Jackie Jones – Jane Scott
Laura – Barbara Offiler
Becky Jones – Anne Foster
Rita Roberts – Chris Murphy
Mavis Roberts – Barbara Winstone
Jade Roberts – Kate Findlay
Tayla Roberts – Vickie Wood
Chantelle – Sue Jessett

Wendy Barlow

Stage Manager – Garth Foster
Stage Crew – Anne Williams
Hannah Williams
Lighting – Ann Hall
Sound – David Hall
Prompt – Sally Hallowell-Carew
Wardrobe – Carole Veness
Refreshments – Anne Foster
Vickie Woods
Kate Findlay
Bar – Rod Scott
Stills – Edward Kirkby

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  1. Edward Kirkby says:

    What a great Plays & Platters 2019 evening’s entertainment. Charlie and Lorraine were absolutely brilliant in ‘Twelve Hour Life’ a real ‘tour de force’ a beautiful story, full of pathos; I can’t imagine it being performed better…!!!

    The cast of ‘And the Bride Wore’ were all outstanding, but for me Kate and Anne’s outfits should be awarded the ‘wardrobe badge of honour’, the transformation was truly miraculous, along with Carole’s blond wig and Chris’s startling wig and red coat. The fun was really shown in Sue’s high kicking and Barbara Offiler’s drinking and Jane’s expressions. Roe did a wonderful job of keeping her unruly ‘customers’ in check, and moving the story along. The best line went to Barbara Winstone: “this Granma is automatic, systematic, hydromatic, but I don’t do diplomatic…!!!” and what a great way to close the play with Vickie ‘swishing’ around in a beautiful white wedding dress.

    A real fun evening, thank you Wendy…!!!

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