Productions – Plays and Platters – March 2017 - Entertaining the people of Barford since 1945...

This years Drama Group production of Plays and Platters consisted of two plays: Syrinx by Kate Mosse and Alternative Accommodation by Pam Valentine. they were performed at the Memorial Hall on March 17th & 18th 2017.

The action takes place in the Headmistress’s Office on the evening of the end of summer term prize-giving. Marion (the Headmistress) is hoping to bring about a reconciliation between this group of three friends. They have not been comfortable with each other since the death of Julie’s daughter some three years ago…

Marion Knowles – Sue Jessett
Susan Winston – Kate Findlay
Sarah Peters – Lydia Mitchell
Julie Peters – Philippa Mitchell

Ann Fawcett

Alternative Accommodation
According to her three children, the recently widowed Anna will struggle to stay in the family home due to her reduced finances. They have arranged to meet at their mother’s to persuade her to move to ‘alternative accommodation’ such as a retirement home. Unbeknown to them, Anna has been making her own plans…

Anna – Barbar Winstone
Joy – Wendy Barlow
Gemma – Barbara Offiler
Petra – Chris Murphy

Joy Hawtin and assisted by Jan Bradley

Stage Manager – Garth Foster
Lighting – Ann Hall
Sound – David Hall
Prompts – Terry Offiler, Mary Geisler
Refreshments – Roe Richardson, Catherine Kime and Jane Scott
Bar – Rod Scott & Helpers…!!!
Stills Photography – Nick Hawtin

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