Productions – Not the Music Hall – November 2018





Thank you for coming to support our efforts in raising money for worthwhile causes. We also hope you had an enjoyable evening.

Over the years we have been able to donate over £96,000 to a variety of charities and local projects.

This year we are raising money for:-

Our New Youth & Community Centre a.k.a The New Scout Hut !

The Company : On-stage, Back-stage and Technicians


Alycia Timmis Ann Hall
Anne Williams Barbara Offiler
Carole Veness Charles Barlow
Chris Murphy David Hall
Ed Kirkby Garth Foster
Jane Hopkins Jane Scott
John Murphy Kate Findlay
Lorraine Evetts Mark Timmis
Mathew Macfadyen Nicky Hendry
Richard Heath Roe Richardson
Sally Hallowell-Carew Sue Jessett
Terry Offiler Vickie Wood
Wendy Barlow William Vann

Wendy Barlow, Jane Scott, Roe Richardson

Barbara Offiler, Anne Foster

Rod Scott and Anne Foster

Stills Photography – Wendy Barlow



Producer:- Wendy Barlow

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  1. Ian Furlong says:

    Just wanted to say that Jan and I really enjoyed the show last night, with the usual mix of great singing, funny sketches, groan inducing jokes and Terry revealing another side to his true nature!
    FAB-U-LOUS, Darlings!

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